Josh Gatt – Sale Agent

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(07) 3205 6633

Young, ambitious & determined are just a couple words that are often derived from an encounter with Josh.


Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Sydney.


Spending many of his youthful years playing computer games at his dad’s work, all whilst Josh’s father was up to his neck in responsibility running one of the most successful agencies in Western Sydney.


One could say Josh’s natural ability in the Real Estate industry coupled with his always forward-thinking mindset should be credited to his father.


With a rugby league background Josh was presented the opportunity for a lifestyle change when the Redcliffe Dolphins approached.


Whilst contemplating his options, Josh was flown up to see the area.


Immediately aware Moreton Bay region is the place he wanted to call home, the contract was signed and the rest is history.


Josh is now heading into his second year as a Dolphin.


Having the opportunity to closely engage with a sales agent during Josh’s first purchase of a property in Moreton Bay, only further reiterated the belief Josh had that this was the career path for him.


This experience was not taken for granted and allows Josh to reflect clearly with prospective home buyers.


Josh’s clear and always honest communication is something that he believes is vital for the sale of any property, ensuring clarity between all parties Josh takes pride from.


Further clarification of this has been shown time and time again, producing results that are second to none for all his clients.


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